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Beaches of Leiden

Golfcentrum / Pitch Noordwijk

Nine en Dine voor € 20 met kopje koffie en golfballetje!


*Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions
*Valid until June 2021

With our unique Nine&Dine package you will play 9 holes at Golf Centrum Noordwijk, and you will enjoy a delicious lunch or daily special at our restaurant Pitch for only €20,-. Would you like to play 18 holes? That’s possible, for only €10,- extra.

Reservations are requested quickly and easily by calling 071-3646543. Please do mention that you have a Leidse Pas to receive the extra offer. When making a reservation, it is important to mention that you would like the Nine&Dine package, how many holes you want to play, and that you have a Leidse Pas. You can make reservations from up to 6 days in advance, to minimally 1 day in advance. Please keep in mind that lunch is only possible until 16:00 on weekends. On Wednesdays from May 2 until August 8, you can only have lunch if you have the Nine&Dine package.

And for the Leidse Pas customers, a free cup of coffee and a golf ball! Of course, please show your Leidse Pas!


Van Berckelweg 38

2203LB, Noordwijk

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