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Beaches of Leiden

Golfcentrum / Pitch Noordwijk

Pitch to go!


*Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions
*Valid until June 2021

Unfortunately, the new measures as announced during the press conference last night have major consequences for the hospitality industry. But we cannot and do not want to give up and will start from Thursday October 15 with “Pitch To Go”. Ordering is possible every week from Thursday to Sunday.

We hope that all of you stay healthy and enjoy the things that are “possible” in the coming weeks. And hopefully we will see you at Pitch to pick up one or more of these delicious dishes.

You can easily order via the order button on our website pitchnoordwijk.nl or send an email to general@pitchnoordwijk.nl. Ordering by phone is possible from 4 p.m.



Van Berckelweg 38

2203LB, Noordwijk

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