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Terms and Conditions

Article 1 General

1.1. These Terms and Conditions apply to any agreement between LeidsePas and a cardholder on which LeidsePas has pronounced these Terms and Conditions to be valid, as long as these Terms and Conditions have not been deviated from explicitly and in writing by third parties.

1.2. In case these Terms and Conditions are, at any given moment, wholly or partially void or invalid, the remainder of these Terms and Conditions will remain fully applicable. LeidsePas and the cardholder will, at this moment, consult each other about a replacement of the void or invalid terms. The purpose and intent of the original provisions are hereby observed as fully as possible.

1.3. In case uncertainty arises regarding the interpretation of one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the provisions will be explained ‘in spirit to’ said provisions.

1.4. In case a situation between parties arises not covered in these Terms and Conditions, this situation is deemed to be handled ‘in spirit to’ these Terms and Conditions.

1.5. In case LeidsePas does not require strict compliance with these Terms and Conditions, these Terms and Conditions will not be void and LeidsePas will not to any degree lose the right to demand strict compliance to these Terms and Conditions

1.6. In case the LeidsePas is acquired for free, this LeidsePas will only be valid until June 30 of the indicated and to that moment valid year.

1.7. In case the LeidsePas is acquired at a reduced price or for free, this aberrant price will only be applicable until June 30 of the indicated and to that moment valid year. With each succeeding year the regular subscription fee will be charged.

Article 2 Fulfillment LeidsePas Arrangement

2.1. Purchase of the LeidsePas is possible via the website at and through various outlets listed on the website. The LeidsePas is offered in the form of a yearly subscription. We inform all members in mid May on extension of the subscription. Therefore members can easily cancel their agreement by replying to this message.

2.2. The LeidsePas subscription is for an indefinite period of time and commences at the day of purchase.

2.3. Cancellation of the LeidsePas subscription is possible at any given moment, taking into consideration three weeks notice. Given no cancellation message has been received before June 7 of the currently valid year, the LeidsePas for the next year will be automatically send in the month June before the new valid year. The subscription fee will be collected yearly and takes place in the month of June, directly following the sending of the new LeidsePas. Upon termination of the subscription there will be no proportional refund of the subscription fees. Notice of cancellation can be send in writing, to: LeidsePas, Kuiperssteeg 10, 2312 HN Leiden, or via e-mail to :

2.4. When ordering the LeidsePas via available payment options are IDEAL or direct debit. In case IDEAL payment is chosen, the subscription fee will be collected by direct debit for subsequent years.

Article 3 Use of LeidsePas

3.1. The LeidsePas is used to acquire a discount and not cannot be used as payment

3.2. The cardholder is forbidden to let third parties use their LeidsePas. Participating companies and/or organisations can ask for identification.

3.3. Participating companies and/or organisations provide a discount when a LeidsePas is shown. Entitlement to a discount does not exist when showing a LeidsePas after a purchase is done.

3.4. Participating companies and/or organisations are free to void a discount in combination with other discounts and/or offers.

3.5. Interim changes to the offer of participating companies and/or organisations are possible without LeidsePas beign liable for damages in any way towards the cardholder. Changes in the offers can be found at and/or other informative media.

3.6. LeidsePas determines the discount policy and has the right to change this policy during the year without being liable for damages in any way towards the cardholder. Changes in policy are timely posted to the website

3.7. Using the LeidsePas in any way that can harm or bring damage to LeidsePas, their partners or participating companies and/or organisations is prohibited. In case abuse of the LeidsePas is suspected LeidesePas is entitled to confiscate the LeidsePas without beign liable from damages in any way towards the cardholder.

3.8. In case of loss, a new LeidsePas can be ordered for € 5,- by sending an email to In case your LeidsePas was stolen, a new LeidsePas can be received, free of charge, upon presentation of an official police report and your ID. Presenting an official report and ID can be done in one of the following two ways: Send a copy of both documents to LeidsePas, Kuiperssteeg 10, 2312 HN Leiden or scan both documents and send them as an attachment in an email to A broken LeidsePas will obviously be replaced free of charge. Upon handing in the broken LeidsePas by posting it to LeidsePas, Kuiperssteeg 10, 2312 HN Leiden, including your contact information, a replacement will be sent over.

Article 4 Liability

4.1. LeidsePas is not responsible for disputes between the cardholder and the participating companies and/or organisations.

4.2. LeidsePas bears no responsibility for the quality of products and/or services offered by the participating companies and/or organisations, nor for errors or omissions in the execution of compliance of the Terms and Conditions.

4.3. LeidsePas is not responsible and/or liable for any deviation from the specified data and/or for printing errors on the website, in newsletters and/or other publications.

4.4. Any liability of LeidsePas and any liability of persons involved in the implementation of the Terms and Conditions are excluded insofar as this is not the result of intent or gross negligence.

Article 5 Privacy

5.1. The personal data of the cardholder is saved in our data file and is confidential.

Article 6 Applicable law and disputes

6.1. On all legal relationships that have LeidsePas as a party, only Dutch law is applicable. This includes legal relationships with a contract wholly or partially abroad or if the party is domiciled abroad. The applicability of the Vienna Sales Convention is excluded.

6.2. Parties will only make an appeal to court provided they have tried their utmost to settle a dispute in mutual agreement.

Article 7 Location and changes of policy

7.1. These Terms & Conditions are deposited at and can be requested via the website

7.2. These Terms & Conditions can be altered by LeidsePas at any given moment. A new version will be applicable directly after depositing at and placement at the website of LeidsePas advises it’s members to regularly read the Terms & Conditions.

7.3. The most recently deposited version and/or the version as applied at the time of conclusion of the LeidsePas agreement, will always be the applicable version.