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De Hardloopwinkel

10% discount on shoes en clothes

Discount up to : 30 Jun 2023


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At the Hardloopwinkel, you will definitely get the taste for running! The right address for runners, or people that want to start running.

Our approach:

–  We check your old shoes.
–  We make a “walking analysis”, through analyzing your way of walking, using computers and cameras.
–  Afterwards, we have you try some shoes outside.

For the beginners:

– We organize regular beginner workshops.
– You will receive a beginner’s schedule.
– You can always return for advice on running.

Our service:

– We are all experienced runners (recreational, sprinting, marathon and ultrarunners).
– Walking analysis through use of computers and cameras.
– Trying shoes outside.
– 30 days trade-in guaranteed (in case of dislike, bad fit).
– Extensive offering of shoes, clothing and accessories.
– Regular presence of a physical therapist in the store.
– We regularly organize workshops/clinics.
– Coffee!!


Sint Jorissteeg 8

2311 JA, Leiden

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