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Hart for her Leiderdorp

50% discount on Better Belly Package (€ 75 > € 37,50)

Discount up to : 30 Jun 2023


  • € 75 > € 37,50
  • Not in combination with other discount or promotions 

Hart for her is an interval circuit training in which muscle strengthening exercises are combined with conditional exercises. In 30 minutes you go through a complete circuit, with attention to the whole body. Hart for her uses hydraulic resistance, which is safe and efficient and reduces the risk of injuries and muscle pain. By regularly training at hart for her you get:

Better fitness.

Higher energy consumption which prevents energy from being stored as excess fat.

Permanent weight control. Improved posture: reduction of back, neck and shoulder complaints.

Improved cardiovascular system. Improved metabolism: reduced risk of diabetes.

Improve bone structure and promote joint stability.

Better Belly Better Belly is a good addition to the heart for re-training.

During training on the cross trainer or bicycle, you train with the Better Belly waistband. Due to the profound effect of the infrared in conjunction with movement, the body will have to work extra hard to get rid of the heat. This makes it possible to achieve much more results with the Better Belly than with a normal cardio training. A Better Belly package consists of 12 sessions in one month (3x per week). This is also necessary for a good result. The price is € 75. and on presentation of your Leidse Pass € 37.50, which is a discount of 50%. The amount for the Better Belly package is pre-paid with pin. We recommend that you make a reservation for a Better Belly session.


Splinterlaan 154a

2352 SM, Leiden

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