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Restaurant Kitch&

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Kitch & Hour (3 – 6 pm): Cup of Puritea with homemade sweets, 2 food shots, surprise bite and 2 glasses of wine! An innovative restaurant, a delicious kitchen and an unforgettable night out, that’s Kitch &. In this unique restaurant in the center of Leiden you can enjoy various places, get to know everything Kitch & has to offer and discover how well the chef can cook. The starters are small so you can choose two or three. These Bites can be served at the bar, together with the aperitif. Then you can sit at the table to enjoy the main course: Dining. Choose from dishes from the French and Italian cuisine. For dessert there is a choice of sweet or cheese. If you choose sweet, different desserts will be served, all of which can be tasted and eaten. Welcoming regards, Edwin van den Akker