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R. van der Klugt RvdKunst

10% discount own jewelry collection

Discount up to : 30 Jun 2023


10% discount on ‘own’ collection.

And that is almost the entire collection now. www.rvdkunst.nl Reinhilde van der Klugt is the initiator. Meester Goudsmiddie has followed her heart and now produces her passion and arts in her own studio and sells it through the webshop

Are you looking for unique, contemporary jewelry? Then you are very welcome at the RVDK webshop where old craftsmanship and modern designs meet. You will not find everyday, refined jewelry with me. You can also contact me for the recycling of older or inherited jewelry with emotional value (gold or silver) to jewelry of this time. Feel free to come and take a look at the site www.rvdkunst.nl and experience what I do!