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Escaperoom Leiden

20% discount on the entree


*Discount is valid till july 2021
*Discount not valid in weekends and holidays

Escaperoom Leiden – the story
Escape Room Leiden is a historically exciting experience in Leiden, the City of Keys. Escape Room Leiden is located in the “Gunpowder House”: a medieval tower next to the Leiden canals. Step into the mysterious workshop of Rembrandt van Rijn, the famous Dutch painter. Discover his biggest secret and escape the room within an hour!

We offer

  •  20% discount
  • is valid from monday till thursday on the following moments: 10:00u, 12:00u, 14:00u en 16:00u.

The price of the game depends on the size of the group:

  • 2 players: 90 euro
  • 3 players: 96 euro
  • 4 players: 104 euro
  • 5 players: 110 euro
  • 6 players: 120 euro
  • 7 players: 126 euro


Please reserve by sending us a mail: info@escaperoomleiden.nl


  • Name
  • mention that you are a LP member
  • Data and time.
  • the amount of players
  • Number

We will send you a confirmation and how you can pay for the game.

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